Learn a NEW Phonological System
Discover exciting new ways to help your students recognize and remember vowel patterns and their sounds, and to read and write with accuracy and fluency!

Teach High Frequency Vowel Patterns Using Innovative and Effective Strategies
Increase young readers confidence and motivation with teaching strategies that are active and exploratory.

Immediately Implement Creative Strategies.
Help your readers to connect phonemic awareness and print. Utilize graphic/phonetic (shape/sound) cues for rapid and accurate association of sounds with symbols.

Provide Hands-On Tools And Word-Learning Activities.
Use a proven and powerful system for remembering how to read and spell words….Provide your students with a carefully selected and useful set of letter/sound relationships.

Deliver Effective, Inventive Lessons.
Learn easy to implement ideas to engage your students....Have them actively work with words to "break the code" and learn how print patterns represent speech.


Provide Systematic, Explicit, Key-Step Instruction
Use direct teaching techniques arranged in a sequence that maximizes learning.

Connect motivational and grade-appropriate activities
Provide scores and scores of reading and writing activities that reinforce the readers acquired skills…and provide numerous opportunities for your students to practice the relationships they are learning!

Combine Proven Approaches To Phonics Instruction
Engage then develop successful readers by implementing synthetic phonics, analogy-based phonics, and phonics through spelling.

Use One-Of-A-Kind, Kinesthetic Manipulatives
Build fluency with game-like appeal and "feel" of onset-rime® manipulatives which provide extensive practice in blending at different levels!

Build Crucial Reading Skills In The Beginning Stages
Strengthen awareness of letter sequences and speech sounds…specifically linking sounds with symbols.


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